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North Carolina Marriage License Info

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When getting married in North Carolina, you will need to be prepared for the legal matter portions of the wedding. Before you are able to get married here, you will have to obtain a North Carolina marriage license. To do so, you can usually go to any clerk’s office in the county you plan to have your wedding. The clerk offices can be found in the county probate court or in the circuit court.

There is a one time marriage license fee of $60; only cash payments are accepted here. There are nor requirements for you or your partner to be current or previous residents of North Carolina to get a marriage license that is valid through out the state; so if you live in another state and would like to have your wedding here, it’s okay. After paying for your marriage license, there is no waiting period, so you will receive it right away. You can then get married immediately after receiving the marriage license, if you so please.

There is an age requirement to be able to get married without the need of parental consent; you must be 18 or older. You will need to bring a birth certificate to prove you and your partner are of legal age to get married. If you or your partner is under the legal age of 18, a parental consent form will need to be signed and presented. A certified copy of the birth certificate will also need to be verified. If either you or your partner is under the age of 16, you will need a court order to get married in North Carolina.

Blood tests and physical exams are not required of you or your partner in the state of North Carolina. Sixty days after the issue date of your marriage license, it will expire.

If you or your partner have been previously married and are now divorced or widowed, the date of divorce or death will be needed. And if the divorce or death of the spouse took place within the past 60 days, it is necessary for you to bring the death certificate or divorce decree. You can order a copy of the death certificate or divorce decree online.

After you and your partner are married, you will receive a piece of paper; this is your marriage certificate. This will be used to change last names legally; it shows that you have legally been married in the state of North Carolina. You will present this to the motor vehicles office, social security department and other government agencies. You will also need to present to banks, employers, memberships, credit card agencies and other non government institutions.

There is a legal name change kit that you can use; it has all of the necessary paperwork needed to legally change your name. These forms can be completed before or after the wedding, but is advised that you do so before the marriage ceremony to better convenience you.

Marriages that aren’t allowed in North Carolina are marriages by proxy, same sex marriages and common law marriages. Cousin marriages are allowed, but no double first cousins (example: if John married Jill and John’s sister marries Jill’s brother, their children are double first cousins and wouldn’t be able to get married).
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