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Photos by Kristopher

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310 N Front st suite 4-9, Wilmington, NC, 28401
Phone: 910-352-3157

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Photo Gallery:
Services Provided: Photographers

Areas Served: Coast, Mountains, Piedmont

Welcome to the very best in relaxed wedding photograhpy, where our commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering the coolest images on the planet makes us stand apart from the rest. Photos by Kristopher fine art wedding photography is committed to provide personalized attention to those who believe in love! Weddings are very special occasions and as such every wedding is approached in a unique, intimate, fine art fashion. Kristopher's passion for photography helps him to create exceptionally beautiful collection of those happy, real moments distilled through out the event.

Having a wedding is an exhaustive experience, and you want your wedding event preparations to be smooth and not more stressful that it already is. Hence, you want a digital wedding photographer who can have a calming influence on your wedding day. We can be that wedding studio. You want a digital photographer who can capture those fleeting moments in your wedding that could otherwise slide away with time. We offer elegant yet candid -spontaneous - photojournalist / photo journalistic documentary style wedding portrait photography,

Photos by Kristopher is based in Wilmington North Carolina, however the services we offer know no boundaries.
Good luck with your wedding!

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