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Wedding Reception Menu Choices

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North Carolina Wedding Articles » Wedding Reception

After you get married, the thing that people really look forward to is the wedding reception. So what do you want to do for the wedding reception menu? When you are planning it, you should take your guests into consideration.

Pick something you know people will like

For wedding reception menus, usually people are given a choice between chicken or beef. You want to make certain that you have something that most anyone will like on the menu; the wedding reception is going to go for a while and people will get hungry especially if they are waiting on the bridal party to come.

Keep it tasty but simple

It's easy to go with something that sounds exotic and may taste good to you, but you also have to take into consideration your guests. Will there be a lot of children at your reception? Will there be people there with peculiar tastes? The last thing that you want is for people not to like what is being served, so pick something that tastes good but you are certain that people will like it, and put it on your wedding reception menu.

Talk with your caterer

Something that is a common complaint with wedding reception menus, with the beef especially, is that the meat is too rare. There have been plenty of weddings where people have seen what the beef looks like and asked for the chicken instead. So you might want to mention that to the person who is providing your wedding reception menu so that everyone can enjoy their meal., You don't want to have people who ordered chicken being stuck with having beef because the beef was too rare for the others.

Be careful of sauces

Something else to beware of is having a wedding reception menu that has a lot of sauces. Remember, you will be wearing a white or a light colored gown, and the last thing that you want is to accidentally drop something in your lap while you are eating. Most people who are attending your wedding reception are going to be dressed up, so you don't want to have to worry about anyone ruining their best dress or suit by dropping something on it that will leave a stain.

By the time you get to your reception you will probably be hungry and ready to eat, so make certain that the food that you have on your wedding reception menu is tasty and satisfying, but will be enjoyed by all.

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