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The Best Wedding Reception Music

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North Carolina Wedding Articles » Wedding Reception

For many wedding receptions these days, there is usually dancing involved. So in order to have dancing, you'll want to choose your wedding reception music and someone to play the music for you.

When you are selecting your wedding reception music, you'll want to keep three types of music in mind: the music for the special dances, the music to be played during dinner, the after dinner music, and the end of night music.

Special dances music

First thing that you will want to do is to sit down as a couple and figure out what song you'll dance to as husband and wife. This could be a song that has special meaning for the two of you, or it just could be a song that you like.

Some of the other special dances are father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, and bridal party dance.

Dinner Music

This is normally when the wedding reception music is more low key and the disc jockey will play ballads and soft music. This way people can enjoy their dinner and the older guests don't have to get indigestion from listening to loud music while they are eating.

After dinner music

Now it's time to party! This is when the wedding reception music encourages you to have some fun, let your hair down, and go wild. Some of the favorites are the Macarena, the Electric Slide - both versions, the Funky Chicken, YMCA and of course the Hokey Pokey(yes people do this at weddings). If you really want to impress the older generation, include the Bunny Hop - it's a dance that they will know how to do.

End of night Music

This is usually when the DJ starts taking final requests and winding things down. He may do one last song to leave people with a last memory of your wedding reception music, but this is when he is really getting ready to pack up.

Something to remember is that, like the menu for the reception, you want to take everyone into consideration when you are choosing your wedding reception music. There will be guests of all ages there and you want them all to have a good time. There will be plenty of time to cut loose, so some quiet dinner music while you are eating won't be a big deal, and it will keep everyone happy.

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