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Who To Put In Your Wedding Party

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You are engaged, you have set a wedding date, and now you have to figure out who you want to have in your wedding party. This should be an easy task, but sometimes it isn't because there are times when you want people in your wedding party and, because you want to have an even number on both sides, you have to leave someone out. But here are some good suggestions on how to solve the question of who to choose for your wedding party.

Brothers and sisters

It's always in good form to ask your siblings to be in your wedding party first. If you're a groom whose bride has a brother, he should be one of your ushers. Likewise, if your groom has a sister, it's always proper etiquette to ask her. Of course, also ask your own siblings to be a part of your wedding party.

Maid or Matron of Honor/Best Man

This can be a touchy subject, especially when choosing a Maid or Matron of honor. Usually if the bride has a sister, she becomes her maid or matron of honor, and some brides ask their mother to be their matron of honor, so that she doesn't have to choose among her friends. If she doesn't go with one of the above options, usually it's her best friend. For grooms, usually it's a brother or a best friend.

Time and Travel distance

Something else to consider when you are choosing your wedding party is how far away those you are considering live. Remember, they may need to come for dress fittings depending on where you get the dresses from, so it may be that they will want to just come for the wedding and enjoy being a guest. Let them know and let them make the choice.

If you have matched everyone up for the wedding party, and you still have one or two people left over that you would like to include, you can also have them do readings for the ceremony, have one of them be a guest book attendant, or have them give out the packages of bird seed after the ceremony. There are plenty of ways to incorporate people into your special day if you want them to be a part of it.

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