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How To Pick Bridesmaid Gowns

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One of the most frustrating things about weddings, and possibly the one that causes the most dissension in the wedding party, are the bridesmaids dresses. Many times the bride and her attendants have very different views about what should be worn and how the bridesmaids dresses should look. So to help to keep peace in the ranks, here are some suggestions on how to deal with this touchy subject and how to have it so that everyone enjoys the bridesmaids dresses.


This is one thing that you do have control over, or you should. This is your wedding and you should really have a say as to what color bridesmaids dresses you want to have your bridesmaids wearing. But it's also a good idea to let them have a say in the shade of the color. After all, there are plenty of shades of green.

Something else to take into consideration is the color of your bridesmaids' hair. Obviously you don't want to choose bridesmaids dresses in something like pink if you have a lot of redheads in your bridal party.

Style of dress

This is one of the biggest problems that brides have with their bridesmaids, and something that you should be open about. One thing to remember is that you don't want the bridesmaids dresses to be fancier than your dress, they should compliment one another. Also remember that this is a dress that your bridesmaids are going to have to pay for, and it's always a good idea to have a style in bridesmaids dresses that they will be able to wear again. Otherwise, try and find a style that isn't too expensive. It will make everyone a lot happier and you will enjoy the time with the girls much more.

Bridesmaids versus Maid of Honor

There is normally some kind of distinguishing feature that is noticeable between your bridesmaids and your maid of honor. Sometimes it's the shade of her bridesmaids' gown, sometimes she wears gloves or sometimes her bouquet is slightly bigger. But whatever it is, there is usually different about her.

When you are considering what type of bridesmaids dresses you would like for your bridesmaids to wear, also consider what they would be comfortable in. Yes, this is your wedding, but everyone will be much happier and have a better time if everyone's feelings are considered. These are your friends and your family - think about what they like and try to incorporate it. There are ways to make everyone happy if there is a bit of compromise.

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